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Advertising in The Mizoram Post is a very effective way to reach the people of Mizoram, as it one of the most popular newspapers in the state. For the best rates for Matrimonial classified ads in The Mizoram Post, you can book your ads via releaseMyAd. The base rates are Rs.350 for the first ten words, and an additional Rs.25 for each extra word. You can book your ads online via releaseMyAd. If you have any queries, feel free to mail us at, or call us on 09830629298
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To book an advertisement in the Mizoram Post, please know that it is a single edition newspaper and is released only in Aizawl through In order to know the ad rates for booking ads in Mozoram Post under the announcement section, please visit the following link: You can review the ad rates for the single edition of Aizawl on the link provided.  To get your advert published in time, please ensure that the ad is booked at least 2-3 days prior to the intended release of the advertisement. Also ensure that the ad payments are cleared through our online or offline payment mediums available on the Make Payment page.
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To begin with the booking of your advert in the Mizoram Post & review the rates for marriage bureau category ads, please visit the following link: This is a singleedition newspaper which is the Aizawl edition.  Choose the package to proceed to the 'Compose Ad' page where in you can create your advert with the help of our Sample ads as well as modify the same with enhancements like background colours, ticks etc.  At the end you are required to confrim the release dates and make the payment for the same with the help of our online & offline payment mediums.
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The Mizoram Post


The Mizoram Post English daily edited and published from Silchar (Assam), has been granted accreditation by the Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publi (DAVP) as the largest circulated newspaper in Mizoram.


Growth of Advertising & Reach out

The Mizoram Post is one of the very popular & most widely read newspaper in the state of Mizoram. The Mizoram Post has claimed itself as 58156 copies in each issue which is a huge market proportion in terms of the market size & population of Mizoram. Therefore to target the large English knowing population of the state of Mizoram this newspaper is really good. With accreditation by the Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publi (DAVP) as the largest circulated newspaper in Mizoram it simply gets more edge to be counted as one of the favourite & the best medium for advertising in the Mizoram region & to the population of North East

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In the English Newspaper category of the Mizoram market though the market is small but the competition is very tough with a large number of competitors trying to vie for the market but The Mizoram Post claims to have a larger market share among them all. The competitors though are MIZORAM EXPRESS, ZOLENGTHE, and RALVENGTU etc.

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